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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

What is Code to Text Ratio Checker?

It is a free tool which can be used to check the ratio of code and content on a particular webpage. In simple words it is the percentage of all the written text on a webpage. It is crucial for the webmasters to keep in notice the amount of code to text ratio for their specific webpage as; a webpage having high code to text ratio may be ranked higher by the Google. The word “Code” in the Code to Text Ratio refers to the HTML code used at the backend for designing a webpage and “Text” is the written content shown on the webpage. A lot of images and backlinks on the webpage increase the percentage of code with a reduced amount of text on the webpage which result in decreasing the ranking of the webpage. So it is mandatory to maintain the balance between the code and text in order to have a good ranking of the webpage. Webmasters can’t deny the relevancy of code to text ratio to the websites. The Google Search engine check the text content of  webpage before ranking it so the text or the website has to be relevant to its headings. The relevancy of the content on the webpage is examined by the search engines in order to ensure the delivery of useful data to the visitors which will generate more traffic. More relevant data with high code to text ratio will be helpful in having higher search ranking.

How to Use the Code to Text Ratio Checker Tool?

In order to check the code to text ratio of your webpage, you just have to enter the URL of the webpage and click the Submit button and our tool will tell you about the percentage of code to text ratio in the webpage.

What are the Benefits of Using Code to Text Ratio Checker Tool?

  • It is a free and online tool which is quite easy to use and saves your time.
  • It can be easily used anywhere and anytime, by anyone who has the access to the internet.