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About Plagiarism Checker

In a simple word, Plagiarism is a misdeed or wrongful work. In this article, I am going to tell you, why plagiarism is wrong and how someone can check their content, is it Plagiarized or not. But, first we need to know what actually plagiarism is?

Actually, when you use some others work including their thought, idea, any writing or publication, article etc. as yours, without giving them any credits or acknowledgement, in that time the work will be known as a Plagiarized one and the process is called Plagiarism. It is a punishable crime as like stealing things from others. It is an offending crime and by the law, the Person who is involved with plagiarism, he will get punishment mostly paying penalties, suspension or even expulsion from the institute and this is quite same in all around the world. But, sadly, most people are not actually aware of plagiarism, even they don’t know about it. So, in many cases like: when they write a thesis paper or an international journal and write an article or content for their blog, they didn’t even care about it whether their work is a Plagiarized one or not.


The good news is that, nowadays, there are several free plagiarism checker or detector tools and software are available to solve the issue. Some of them you will find in websites like:, etc. and even there are some other good apps also available to detect the plagiarism of your content.

Most of the plagiarism detector tools work on the same plagiarism test principle and essentially operate much identical as Google or other alternative computer program works to seek out the original sources, matching words or phrases and provides the simplest results, typically alongside the plagiarism checker proportion.

It is quite impossible for someone to check through the hand if the paper is a plagiarized one. It takes a lot efforts and consume a great amount of time to compare the paper with the original one.   

This is what makes those plagiarism software or apps so powerful that it can check common phrases and all the existing sources of that paper.

Final words, according to Wikipedia, Plagiarism is not in itself a crime but it may constitute copyright infringement which is a bit similar in consideration but they are different concepts. Actually, not all type of plagiarism form or constitute copyright infringement.