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About Get Source Code of Webpage

Get source code of Webpage is a very simple yet useful tool for viewing the actual HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) source code for a specific webpage. This online tool is also known as HTML viewer or HTML checker.

There are some situation arise when webmasters and web developers required to view the original source code of a website to know and find out more details about the webpage.

Why should you use this tool? Well, if you are a novice or beginning to learn HTML and want to know more about its vast properties then you need to check some well-established website. How actually these sites organize the HTML tags and properties, so you need to view the original source code of these sites.

And, as already mentioned earlier that, if you are a pro web developer or webmaster then obviously you need to the check source code of your site or your competitor’s site for many reasons including get inspiration and come up with new ideas and tactics in making your website more ready for search engine optimization.

This Get Source Code Tool is completely free to use. You need to Enter a URL of the website in the given blank box and click the Get Source Code labeled blue button and this tool will bring the complete source code of that website. You just need to copy those code and paste it in any text editor and save it for future use.

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