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About Link Analyzer

Link analyzer is a very useful tool for website owners and webmasters, even for SEO related individuals to analyze the links on a website. This tool has the ability to identify the links at the same time that web crawlers or robots are crawling on a specific webpage of your site. 

The question may arise in your mind, what sort of information you can get from a link analyzer and how they are going to help you.

Well, this tool will provide you a lot of information on both inbound and outbound links of a specific website and from that information you can simply analyze the links of your website. You can also compare your rival websites inbound and outbound links from those information.

As a matter fact, these inbound and outbound links play a major role on ranking your website in search engine result pages, so it’s quite understandable to any beginners about the importance of a link analyzer.

It’s very simple to use. You just need to enter your desired URL of a website in the box and Click the Submit button and you will see following results including- The total no. of links on the webpage, internal links and external links on a webpage and no follow/ do follow links on that page. You can download these information by clicking the button named Export as CSV.

You see it’s very easy to use and provide a lot of useful information to you so that you can manage your website perfectly by analyzing such kind of links.

There are several similar kinds of tools available all over the internet but we can assure you, our tool is one of the best and very easy to use and obviously we ensure the cent percent accuracy and effectiveness.