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About Page Size Checker

What is Page Size Checker?

As the name shows it is the tool which can help you to check the size of your web page as often webmaster need to know the size of web page. Size of the webpage actually affects it loading time; longer pages take more time to load than shorter pages and if a page takes more than few seconds to load the user may exit. To avoid this problem, webmasters are paying great attention to the webpage size in order to improve their earning and ranking. The average size of small webpage is approximately 12KB that can load very quickly with in no time. The size of the page increases by the addition of media into it like images, video, audio etc. Website’s performance depends on the time it takes to load any webpage. The key to improve any website’s performance is to maintaining the faster load time of each webpage and keeping the bounce rate low by adjusting the small size of webpages.

How to Use Page Size Checker Tool?

There is nothing to worry about using page size checker tool as if you want to know the page size of your web page then our tool help you in the simplest way, you just have to enter the URL of desired webpage and by clicking the submit button you will come to know the exact size of the specific webpage.

What are The Benefits of Using Page Size Checker?

The benefits of using our tool Page size checker are as follows:

  • It is quite easy to use, reliable, quick and online tool which can help you in getting best results.
  • It is free tool and you can use it anytime, anywhere.
  • It is the fastest tool to know the right size of your webpage as the result will be displayed just with in few seconds.