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About Page Speed Checker

What is Page Speed Checker?

It is an online and free tool which tells you about the load speed of your webpage. It identifies whether your webpage is slow, fast, toobig and so on. It can be easily used by webmasters anywhere and anytime in order to optimize the performance of their websites. It is crucial for the website owners to keep on monitoring the website speed as it has a great impact on the user’s experience. It is noticed that the web users don’t wait if a website takes longer in loading as people show very less patience while browsing different sites. The faster your webpage will be it will be able to engage users more and retain their tension to the webpage. Faster webpage speed increases the ranking in Search engine like Google. If there are a lot of images, videos and graphic data on your webpage it will take longer in loading the webpage. The balance between the written content and media data like images on webpage can be helpful in increasing the webpage speed. A webpage with better speed attracts more site visitors. It is important for the webmasters or web owners to monitor their webpage speed so that they may optimize their website well.

How to Use Page Speed Checker Tool?

It is a user friendly tool and don’t require any technical skill to use it. You just have to enter the URL of the webpage whose loading speed you want to check and our tool which you the required result. By having the look at your webpage loading speed you may make changes accordingly to improve the performance of the website.

What are the Benefits of Using Page Speed Checker Tool?

Benefits of using this tool are as under:

  • It is free, online and user friendly tool.
  • It helps the webmasters in optimizing their sites and improves the Search engine’s ranking.