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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

What is the Reverse IP Domain Checker?

Reverse IP address is a tool that allows you to get the information about all the other domains that are hosted on the same server which assigns you the IP address. Furthermore, IP address is a number assign to any device by the web server which access the internet it may be your laptop, smartphone, tablet etc. there are two types of IP addresses, one is static IP address and dynamic IP address. In the static IP address a unique IP address is assigned to a specific user by a server where as in the case of dynamic IP addresses, the IP address assigned to you may be assigned to some other user when you are off the internet. Static IP addresses can tell the location of the computer like city and country name. Reverse IIP Domain checking is getting the information about all the other users sharing the domain name of your website in dynamic IP address.

How to Use Reverse IP Domain Checker?

In order to use Reverse IP Domain checker you have enter the IP address in the field with “Enter a URL” and press the submit button, the reverse IP Domain Checker will quickly shows all the domains hosted from the same server or identifying other sites on the same hosting server which is providing services to you. It is important from both the SEO and web filtering perspective to know the other websites hosted on a web server.

What are the Benefits of Using Reverse IP Domain Checker?

  • It is a free online tool which can be used to know about your competitor’s website that whether they are using either dynamic or static IP address.
  • Using this tool you may also know your neighborhood that your IP address is shared by how many other sites and whether they are good or bad.