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About Website Links Count Checker

What is Website Links Count Checker?

It is an online and free tool which can help you in determining the number of all the links with in a specific webpage. It can look for all the internal and external links in a website. External link are the links that leads to another page on the web. It is necessary that the referred page must have some good quality and relevant content. It is important for the webmasters to stay updated about the total number of links their webpage have as internal or external links with the low quality content may badly affect the ranking of their webpage. The links that refers to some irrelevant or spam products if get noticed become the reason of the loss of ranking. Webmasters can’t skip adding links on their webpages, as they are useful for the increase in SEO traffic but the condition is that the links must be having some useful and relevant data. In case if the internal or external links on your webpage have useless data it will eventually result in the spam as Google uses the algorithm to identity  the credible and useful links and if your site match their requirement, you will see improvement in ranking over time. Webmasters needs sufficient amount of unique links on their webpages to boost SEO visibility in search engine.

How to Use Website Links Count Checker?
It is basic to use our tool Website Links Count Checker, for this you have to enter the URL of the webpage for which the number of links you wants to check and our tool will give you the list of all the related internal or external links in a website.

What are the Benefits of Using Website Links Count Checker Tool?

Benefits of using our tool are as follows:

  • It is a free and online tool which is helpful in getting the information about all the internal and external links on a webpage.
  • It gives information of both internal and external links at the same time.