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About What is my Browser

What is My Browser?

What is My Browser is a free and online SEO tool which gives you information about the browser you are using and other details. The browser is a software application which allows you to access the webpages while using internet. Google chrome is one of the most commonly and widely used browser nowadays. Other browsers include Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer etc. Different browsers can be used for different purposes as it is common for websites to work properly on one browser and not very well on another browser. Because of this; it is important to know about the browser you are using so that you may solve problems occurring due to your browser. It also tells you whether you need a browser update or not as often user is using some outdated or old version of browsers which may restrict them using some of the latest and better features that are not available in the older versions. It helps the webdesigners to know how their website is visible at different browsers, which is helpful in modifying the website or application accordingly. Our tool gives the following information to the users:

  • Your Browser
  • Browser Version
  • Your OS
  • User Agent

How to use What is My Browser Tool?

In order to get information about the browser, user simply have to visit our site of What is My Browser Tool, relevant and updated information will be instantly displayed on the screen. It gives you results in no time without any delay which makes it efficient and user-friendly tool.

What are the Benefits of Using What is My Browser Tool?

Benefits of using What is My Browser Tool are as follows:

  • It is a free and online tool which don’t ask for any sign up or registration charges from the user.
  • It is quite easy to use this tool as it is very convenient and user-friendly tool.