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About www Redirect Checker

What is Redirect checker:

First of all it is important to know about the Redirection that what it is.  So the answer to this is that Redirection is the procedure in which one URL is forwarded to another different URL. Now we can say that redirect Checker is the tool specifically uses to check the complete path of where a page or URL is redirected and we may want to know about the destination URL and the HTTP satus code used for the redirect. As discernment we get that either the URL is redirected to the correct destination URL or the right status code is used for this redirection.

  • Redirect 301 is the permanent redirect which will pass authority and automatically sends the visitor to the new page.
  • Redirect 302 is the temporary redirect and will not pass the authority which means that it is used for temporarily used content.

How to Use Redirect Checker Tool?

It is not a big deal to use Redirect checker tool, In order to make search using this tool you have to enter the URL of which you may want to check the 301 or 302 redirect, status code or analyzing redirect chain. By pressing the redirect checker button you will get the final result having all HTTP headers with the redirections from your URL displayed in front of you after the redirect test is finished. The redirect chain is a series of redirects which are one after another.

What are the Benefits of Redirect Checker?

  • It is helpful for all types of webmasters and directory owners as they don’t know the techniques used to count the clicks to the external sites.
  • Redirect checker is useful in while moving content from one URL to another URL especially when you are merging websites, changing domain names or deleting web pages.