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About URL Rewriting Tool

Basically, URL rewriting tool is an effective tool for converting your long dynamic URL into a static one.  Static URLs are easy to remember and also help in SEO for site ranking purpose.

For an end user dynamic URLs are tough to remember and make them confused if they want the URL to be bookmarked. That’s for why, webmasters, website owners and SEO related persons and online marketers use this kind of tool which helps them to transform a dynamic URL into a static one.   

So, if you’re still using those non friendly SEO and web visitors dynamic URLs, then it’s the right time to choose our URL Rewriting Tool to convert them into static URLs.

Common factors for using a static URL over a dynamic URL

Always keep it in your mind that, a static URL is better than a dynamic URL for several reasons. One of the reason is, static URLs can rank better in Search Engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. whereas dynamic URLs are indexed at a very slow rate than static URLs.

Another good cause for using a static URL than a dynamic URL because webpages having a static URL load faster compared to having a dynamic URL.



This tool is developed using the Apache’s mod rewrite module to turn a dynamic URL into user-friendly static URLs. Simply copy-paste your dynamic URL in the box and it will generate a short and static URL in a few moments with further instruction on how to create .htaccess file and where you need to put that file.