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About Online Ping Website Tool

At first we need to know what is ping  ?  When any one on to test  a network or  a site they just go to command on to there PC and  type the ping command there.  It will check the latency from the command running server to checking server. I will show  byes,time,TTL(time to live) and ping statistics.By this result you can know your connection speed and other tested connection speed.

Our given ping tool work little different but using same method as  I describe before.By this ping tool you can ping your site in different search engines and server. That takes lot of time to do by yourself.

It’s helps your site to rank faster in specific category. In inside of the interface our coding algorithm  developed to ping your site on special category. You don’t need to waste your time to visit different sites and search your site there.  Now the question come how you do that?

Enter your blog url  and type your blog name. Fill update blog url and Rss feed URL. Now just press submit. It’s just process your site one by one in the search engine servers.