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About Blacklist Lookup

What is Blacklist Lookup?

Blacklist Lookup is an online tool which can be used to check whether your IP address is enlisted in an anti-spam database or not. It will test the mail server IP address against 100 DNS based email blacklists which is commonly named as real time blacklist DNSBL. DNSBL is a Domain Name System Blacklist which uses different criteria of listing and delisting the addresses. DNSBLs are used by the spam filters to verify that whether the incoming emails originate from the blacklisted sites or not. They serve as the first line defense against spam. The DNSBL blocks the list of spam or unsolicited messages and help the webmasters in blocking all the messages which are prone to transmitting spam. DNSBL based on IP addresses contain IPs which generally have email servers. If blacklist maintainer received spam of some kind from any server, it will be blacklisted and then all the messages sent from the same server would be either rejected or flagged as spam by all the websites using a particular blacklist. There are different blacklists are available on the internet and each one is designed using the different criteria.

How to Use Blacklist Lookup Tool?

You can enter your IP address in the search field shown with the text “Enter a URL” and by clicking the submit button you will start the search and get the result of Blacklist Lookup whether your IP address is enlisted in the anti-spam database or not. After knowing the status of your site you can fix the problem.

What Are The Benefits of Using Blacklist Lookup Tool?

The benefits of using this tool are as follows:

  • It is a free online tool which is easy to be used by anyone.
  • It saves your time by providing online services without signing up or downloading any software to check the status of your website’s IP.