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About Find DNS records

What is Find DNS Record?

It is an online tool which helps in finding the DNS records of a domain. DNS stands for the Domain Name System which is the largest digital database for the internet in the world. DNS records are also called as “mapping files” in computer jargon. There are number of websites on the internet which are being hosted and managed by web server that are located everywhere in the world. There is a directory which contains all the information about websites like where to find website, from where it is being hosted for, etc. Every website or any device which get access to the internet has an IP address which is a digital number and helps in making the internet connections. In the database the domain name is stored along with the IP address of the website. DNS records tell the web server how to respond to a request by a search browser. The user’s request to visit certain website is sent through the web server to the DNS database. The DNS database look up for the relevant record and forward it to the requesting server. After this, the requesting server finds the requesting user via user’s IP address and display it to him.

How to Use Find DNS Record Tool?

It is a user-friendly tool and quite easy to use. User just have to enter the domain name or URL of the website in the given area and press the “Submit” button. The request is being processed and results are shown to user within few seconds which will contain the DNS record of requested domain. DNS record is helpful in telling in which environment domain is operating and all other parameters associated with it.

What are the Benefits of Using Find DNS Record Tool?

Benefits of using Find DNS Record are as follows:

  • It is an online and free tool which user can use easily everywhere without any signups or paying registration charges.
  • It gives the result to the users in just single click within few seconds, user just have to enter the domain name or URL of the specified website.