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About Google Malware Checker

Google Malware Checker is an online program that can examine sites and give clients web security reports whether the site is safe or not.

This free online tool examines if the site that you need to visit contain noxious substance, suspicious contents and other web security dangers that are covered up inside the site content.

The malware report will provide you with a list of all affected pages including the conceivable explanations behind identification. Ought to there be any suspicious content inside the content that can pose a threat to the client’s program, then it will show the level of threat severity in the scan. Along these lines, the client of this online site malware checker can all the more likely comprehend the sweep answer as indicated by each examined record.

But, before using this tool, you should get a brief detail about Malware.

Mostly, unwanted and malicious software or program are shortly known as Malware. And, malware is harmful and hazardous because it can access the computing device and websites without your knowledge. Even, malware can steal your valuable information from your devices and sites. Computer virus, Trojan horses, worms, spyware, ransomware, rootkits and even some adware are some common form of malware as considered.


So, now it is understandable to you, why you should use a Malware checker. It’s all about the safety and protection of your website.

This Google Malware Checker will provide a detail Transparency Report about a Website. You just have to enter the desired URL of a website and Click the Submit button. It will redirect you to Google’s Transparency Report page and if it’s safe to browse then a Green colored message will be displayed on that page labeled as “No Unsafe Content Found” including other safe browsing site status. So, you’re good to go and browse the website. Isn’t it simple, but it has a great effect on today’s online security. Keep in mind, sites status may change over time, so always check the site status before proceeding. 

Try our Google Malware Checker from today, stay safe and secure all over the internet.