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About Keyword Density Checker

The percentage of times a keyword or phrase shows up on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page, is considered as keyword density.

Too low a keyword density and your keyword will have pretty much nothing or no importance to your web crawler ranking. Too high a keyword density and you might be penalized by the search engines for keyword stuffing.

Like, they will bring down your placement in the internet searcher results pages since you have utilized a keyword too many times for it to just be a fortuitous event.

According to numerous SEO specialists, the ideal keyword density of a webpage must remain 1% to 3%. You should settle on your own choices about what is right and good for you, however it appears that keyword density of webpage around 2%-3% is perfect.

To calculate keyword density in its least complex structure, you divide the number of times that you have used a specific keyword for your webpage by the total number of words in the content you are analyzing and multiply the result by one hundred to get the accurate percentage. And, several formula you can get from the internet to calculate the keyword density of your webpage.

So, what actually a keyword density checker do and hopefully, you get a little understanding about it.

Basically, a keyword density checker is a very helpful tool for calculating the accurate keyword density of any webpage. Suppose, you have a website and have several web contents but unintentionally, you stuffing these contents with a lot of keywords without realizing it. For that issue, Google or other search engines may not allow their crawlers to crawl these webpages of yours. So, in that situation, a keyword density checker may be a big reliever of this issue. You can analyze and check all top keywords lying on the page and view other metrics of the content to solve some issues.

For that, we have created a simple and robust keyword density checker to help you. It will help individuals including SEO marketer, web developer or webmasters to maintain their webpage and web content.

How to use the keyword density checker by 

It’s very simple to use and a lot of necessary results will show up in front of you to resolve your issue.

Just Enter the URL of your webpage and click the Blue marked Submit button. The result will display the Total Keywords of that URL.

Then in a table, it will show other details including- Keywords, Count (how many times a specific keyword is used in the page) and the Percentage (total percentage of a specific keyword is used in the entire page).