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About Link Price Calculator

What is LinkPriceCalculator?

Link Price Calculator is an online and free tool which can be used to get the clear idea of how much you should charge for a particular text link or a URL. It is very useful tool for the webmasters, web owners and the advertisers. For the web owners, this tool let them know how much they should charge per month for a given text or URL link. It gives you the quick estimate of the price of certain link or URL. In the case if someone is intended to promote their website on another site or want to optimize their website, for that purpose our tool helps them in knowing that how much they should pay for the text link ad. Our tool Link Price Calculator uses a unique algorithm to check the website’s reputation based on age, ranking, backlinks that are included on the website and the traffic rate. These factors are importantly considered in order to get the right estimate of the link price for your website. Quality backlinks on the website plays an important role in the website optimization. It is helpful for the web owners and web masters to know the estimated price of their site as they may negotiate for the right amount while selling or purchasing the website.

How to Use the Link Price Calculator Tool?

In order to use the Link Price Calculator Tool, users just have to enter the URL of the specified website and press the “Submit” button. The results for the search will be shown after the tool’s processing. Each URL should be added on the separate line, as our tool provides the facility to check 100 URLs at the same time.