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About Pagespeed Insights Checker

Page speed Insights Checker is a SEO TOOL . This an advance tool for check Page speed. Its with among Google ranking factor. Every site owner who want to rank his site  they specially focus on  site’s speed.

According to our engineer website load time is best if its load on 1 to 2 second. Otherwise viewers not want to enter that site. Time is most valuable in this fast world.  This tool check the page loading speed for you. What you have to do ? You just type of your site url and press submit button. There you see your site loading graph . This divide the html,css,javascript, php ,jsp, or other language loading time. Its depend on which language your site built on.  Then you final result that calculate on 100 score.

If your site is between 85 – 100 score . That’s good . If lesser than that you need to optimize your site.