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About URL Encoder / Decoder

What is URL Encoder/Decoder Tool?

URL encoder/decoder is an online tool which can be used for encoding the decoded string of text and decoding the encoded content. Where it is important to know that what is encoding and decoding so, encoding is a process of converting human readable text into the machine readable content, whereas decoding is opposite to it and involve converting the machine language into human readable content. It is required for worldwide interoperability to encode uniformly which involves the mapping of wide range of characters used worldwide into the sixty or so allowed characters in a URL.

URL encoding is also named as percentage-encoding as all offending characters are replaced by a % and a 2 digit hexadecimal values. For example, URL encoded form of “/” is %2F and of “:” is %3A.

How to Use URL Encoder/Decoder Tool?

To get your content or text encoded or decoded using URL encoder /decoder you have to enter your text in the area specified for encoding or decoding and press enter to get your encoded or decoded content respectively. You can either paste your copied content in the area or upload the file from your personal computer. After pressing the submit button, you get the converted content from where you can save it for your further use.

What Are the Benefits of Using URL Encoder/Decoder?

URL encoder/ Decoder is a useful tool. Benefits of using URL Encoder/Decoder are as follows:

  • It is a free tool to use, so you don’t have to download any software to get URL encoded or decoded content.
  • It is not time taking tool and saves your time as in other case if you download software for URL encoding/decoding, it requires a long time to have the software and then install it to get your work done.