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About Website Screenshot Generator

What is Website Screenshot Generator?

If you are a computer intuit then it is quiet easy for you to take screenshot of the screen displayed in front of you, and you may even know how to take screenshot on your tablets or smartphones. But when it comes to taking a screen shot of a web page or websites, it requires a little effort as most of the times you actually don’t know the keys to take screenshot. To ease this problem we are providing you a free tool named as Website Screenshot Generator which will help you get webpage screenshot or small webpage thumbnail easily, without doing so much effort and in a short time.

How to Use Website Screenshot Generator?

It is quite easy to use this tool as it is simply designed to make it user friendly and avoid complications. In order to get your desired screenshot you just have to add the URL of the web page or website whose screenshot you want to take. You can choose the device whether mobile, tablet or personal computer to get the optimized screenshots.

What are the Benefits of Website Screenshot Generator?

Screenshot generator is fully helpful for you in all the perspectives. Few of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • You can get the screenshot according to your need whatever you need full webpage screenshot or small webpage thumbnails.
  • Responsive website screenshots can be captured as per your choice.
  • You can get quickly and easily the screenshot of webpages without getting into the difficult situation of memorizing the keys of your laptop to get the print of your screen as every laptop does not follow the same set of instructions.
  • By entering the URL you can get the high quality file in the form of JPG, PDF etc., without installing any software in your laptop.