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About Word Counter

Word counter is a tool used for counting the total number of words exist in a document or an article. Word counting is required in many aspects like when an article or a text is limited to certain number of words, particularly for the academic reasons, legal actions, journalism and blogging and even for many social sites texting and for many individuals including content and article writer.

Most word counter tools not only provide statistics of word count but also these tools count total characters and number of characters without spaces. There is little variation in those tools regarding a word. Generally, words are separated through spaces, punctuation marks, hyphens and consisting several characters form a word. Some word counter tools regard a word as a unique word and sometimes a word is regarded as a difficult one based on the words nature and backend working principle of the tool.  

wordcounttools.com, wordcounter.net, smallseotools.com are some common websites and have the right application for counting words in a document for free.  And, most of the word processors including MS-Word have the functionality of word counting in a document.

These tools are mostly required to those writers who work on article writing or involved in similar kind of job because the client may set them a limit of certain number of words for per article or per document. And, I think, human have limited readability level and a lot of work pressure nowadays, so fixing the length of an article is beneficial for all. That’s the point, Word counter is a very useful tool.